Lutz Kellen

4th Year Game Design and Development Programmer at UW-Stout

A little information about myself and my schooling.

I am a 21 year old programmer from Farmington, Minnesota. I started learning to code when I was 12 with a myriad of languages. Lately I focus on using HTML5 Canvas and Javascript, C/C++, and C# through Unity.

My major interests are Server/Network Programming, Roguelikes, AI, and Procedural Generation. I have varying experience in each of these topics, and am hoping to focus in on one of them as a specialization.

I am currently in my fourth year at the University of Wisconsin - Stout in Menomonie, Wisconsin. I will be graduating in May, 2017 with a B.S. in Computer Science: Game Design and Development Concentration and a Minor in Mathematics.

I am currently employed as a Visual Basic .NET/SQL Programmer at Oldcastle Building Envelope based in Wausau, Wisconsin.

About my website: I have programmed every bit of my website from scratch, except for the navbar buttons. Those effects are being freely used and are sourced in my CSS sheet. I aim to keep my design compact and minimalistic. This includes using little to no JavaScript and no advanced web design tricks that could impair compatability.

Me working.

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